SEBI erasmus

Welcome to the online learning platform of SEBI. 

SEBI is the acronym of the project “Securing the Best Interest of the Child in Educational School Administration”. The project aims to identify the key challenges that educational systems face in areas were the determination of the Best Interest of the Child (BIC) is a prerequisite, and prepare methods, tools and processes to support evidence-based policy making supporting school leaders, teachers and policymakers. For further information on SEBI visit the webpage of the project at

This learning platform includes online courses for Teachers and Headteachers. Each course includes aims, objectives and training material for self-paced learning. Topics and content have been carefully selected to include key aspects pertaining the promotion of the BIC.  Training activities and material follow the principles of effective online learning focusing on active learning and interaction between the learners and the material. 

The online courses are open and available for all school staff and relevant stakeholders who wish to improve their professional skills and competences related to the social inclusion methods on the basis of the methodologies developed in the framework of the project. Courses are available in English, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

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